Jonesboro Cemetery

Jonesboro Cemetery, formerly known as Adamson Cemetery, is owned and maintained by the City of Jonesboro. The City Cemetery is located on Johnson Street directly behind the Confederate Cemetery on the corner of N. McDonough St. There are three sections: Adamson, Johnson and Arnold. Some of the graves date back to the 1800's. There are plots available for purchase: The cost is $1500.


  1. Funeral Directors are to notify City Hall before interment, giving name and the site of burial. A $50 fee for the opening of the grave (non-refundable) is required. After burial, an inspection will be made by the City to affirm that there has been no damage to adjoining lots – walls, headstones, landscape, etc.
  2. Burial requires a concrete or metal vault.
  3. If lots are enclosed, the walls should be marble, gray or white granite, brick or masonry; no loose brick, timbers, etc. All plans for enclosure or walls shall be submitted to City Hall for review and approval before construction begins.
  4. Trees or bushes may not be planted on lots.
  5. If there are trees presently on the lot and this would require raking leaves, it will be the responsibility of the owner/owners. As a reminder, these lots have not been and will not be sold with a perpetual maintenance agreement.
  6. Remove all faded, unsightly or damaged artificial arrangements and all dead flowers.
  7. No admittance from dusk to dawn; this helps to reduce vandalism.
  8. For the burial of cremains, a vault is required accomanied by the remittance of $50



Funeral Homes

The city must be notified PRIOR to opening a grave. A $50 fee with be assessed for each opening. Contact (770) 478-3800.