How Do I

Q: Make Citizen's request or comments?
A: Go to the contact us page where you will see all the different ways you can contact city leaders and employees.

Q: Get Directions To City Hall?
A: City Hall is located at 124 North Ave. For driving directions from MAPQUEST.COM.

Q: Get Directions to the Police Department?
A: The Police Department is located at 170 S Main St. For driving directions from MAPQUEST.COM .

Q: Get Sanitation Information?
A: View sanitation information

Q: View the City's Open Records Policy?
A: View the City's Open Record Policy

Q: View the City's Code?
A: View the City Code

Q: Get Zoning Information?
A: As of now the City of Jonesboro does not have an online zoning map. Please contact City Hall at 770-478-3800 for Zoning information.

Q: Get an accident report?
A: Go to the Jonesboro Police Department, in person,  located at 170 S Main Street.  Hours - Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm to obtain an accident report. It will most likely take two business days from the date of the accident for it to be loaded into the system.