Community Policing

The Jonesboro Police Department is committed to taking a proactive approach to fighting crime within our community. Community policing is essential to expanding the reach of the police department by connecting with our citizens and stakeholders on an individual level. The Jonesboro Police Department actively implements initiatives to ensure that our citizens know that we are here to protect, serve, support, and engage in extensive problem-solving efforts. Many of our initiatives allow the citizens an opportunity to interact with the police department in a differen capacity. As partners within the community, The Jonesboro Police Department's efforts mirror the sentiments of the City of Jonesboro as being One Great Community.

SCOPE logo


The Jonesboro Police Department is committed to the well-being of our Senior Citizens, which is the sole purpose for creating SCOPE- Senior Citizens' Outreach Plus Engagement. By encouraging social interaction with regular phone calls, identifying the needs of our seniors, and providing them with resources, such as fresh vegetables from the Community Garden, The SCOPE program will serve as a lifeline for our senior community. Every member of the Jonesboro Police Department team will be assigned a list of seniors to check on regularly. To sign up yourself or a loved one for the SCOPE Program,visit 

Community Garden Club

The Community Garden Club of Jonesboro is currently underway! Membership is now open to all residents and businesses of Jonesboro. The Community Garden of Jonesboro was created in an effort to support the SCOPE Program and provide a social component for our community. The community garden will be a great way to bring the community together and enhance the neighborhood. The garden will create a recreational outlet and access to fresh fruits and vegetables. To sign up for garden membership, submit the Community Garden Club Application