City Events

Warming Centers

The City of Jonesboro and Clayton County has several warming centers open to the public beginning at 8am today, Tuesday, January 16th through Noon on Wednesday, January 17th at the following locations:
First Baptist Jonesboro Church – The β€œRoc” 148 Church Street, Jonesboro. 8am to 5pm. Monday thru Thursday. Friday 8am to Noon.
Cathie's House at The Chapel Jonesboro, 1565 Commercial Court, Jonesboro – 8 p.m. to 7 a.m. Cathie's House is also looking for donations of blankets, coats, fruit, snacks, lunch meat etc. for those who need it.
Clayton County Parks and Recreation Centers. Business hours 8am to 9pm.
Lake Spivey Recreation Center, 2300 Walt Stephens Rd. Jonesboro.
Jim Huie Recreation Center & Steve Lundquist Aquatic Center, 9045 Tara Boulevard, Jonesboro.
South Clayton Recreation Center, 1837 McDonough Rd, Hampton.
Carl Rhodenizer Recreation Center 3499 Rex Rd. Rex.
Flint River Community Center, 153 Flint River Rd. Riverdale.
Virginia Gray Recreation Center, 1475 East Fayetteville Rd, Riverdale.
Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services Headquarters. 7810 Highway 85. Riverdale. Business Hours. 8am to 5pm.

Clayton County Police Department Headquarters, Community Room. 7911 North McDonough Street Jonesboro. Open 24 hours.

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