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City Budget

The budget of the City of Jonesboro is a reflection of the City policies, goals, and priorities. It communicates to citizens and staff what resource allocation decisions have been made, including those involving staffing, technology, equipment, and program priorities. It also serves to communicate to citizens and staff an action plan for the upcoming fiscal year, including program goals and the standards by which the delivery of services to the public will be measured.


The development of the budget begins in the fall of each year. At that time, Council establishes policy priorities for the upcoming budget, reflecting policy and program concerns of the community at large. In the fall, the proposed budget is sent to the City Council for review. Then, the City Council discusses the proposed budget during public hearings and adopts a new budget in December. Check the meeting schedules page to attend any of the public budget meetings.


For budget related questions, please contact us at (770) 478-3800. 


Recently, Joy Day Received the GMA's Certificate of Distinction - the highest level of training designation. 
The City of Jonesboro Receives GMA GMEBS Life & Health Insurance Fund Health Promotion & Wellness Incentive Grant.
The City of Jonesboro will celebrate Georgia Cities Week, with weeklong events, from April 20th to April 25th.
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