January 14, 2008



The City of Jonesboro Mayor and Council held the monthly Council meeting on Monday, January 14, 2008.  The meeting was held at 7:00 p.m. at the Jonesboro Police Station, 170 South Main Street  Jonesboro, Georgia.


            Council Present:          Luther Maddox, Mayor

                                                Clarence Mann, Councilmember

                                                Billy Powell, Councilmember

                                                Rick Yonce, Councilmember

                                                Roger Grider, Councilmember           

                                                Bobby Wiggins, Councilmember

                                                Wallace Norrington, Councilmember


Staff Present:  Chief Wayne Rowland, Joe Nettleton, Brad Johnson, Janice Truhan, Charles Carpenter, Sandra Meyers, Pat Daniel and Donna Nettleton.


Mayor Maddox called the meeting to order. Presentation of colors was given by the Mundy’s Mill High School ROTC team, with the pledge of allegiance following.


Minutes of the December 10th Regular meeting and the December 27 Called meeting were considered.  Minutes were approved:  [Motion: Grider , 2nd: Norrington, Vote: Unanimous].


Mayor Maddox called for regular meeting public comments.  Public Comments were made by Jonesboro resident Ann Sligh, Anne Wise, Ed Wise and Todd Howard.  All Public Comments were regarding the Jonesboro Firehouse Museum and Community Center key issue. 


The Council considered entering Executive Session. Approved. [Motion:  Grider, 2nd: Norrington, Vote:  Unanimous].  The Council considered resuming regular meeting.  Approved. [Motion: Grider, 2nd: Norrington, Vote:  Unanimous].


The first public reading of the Amendment to the Adult Entertainment Ordinance occurred.


The Council considered the following items -  A through G, and added item H on the Agenda:


A.  Considered reappointment of City of Jonesboro employees – according to the

      Jonesboro City Charter. Approved as presented. [Motion: Grider, 2nd: Powell, Vote:




B.   Considered nomination and vote for Councilmember to serve as Mayor Pro Tem.

       Nominations made for Rick Yonce.  [Motion: Grider, 2nd: Powell, Nomination        

       Closed].  Motion made to appoint Rick Yonce as Mayor Pro Tem.  Approved.

       [Motion:  Norrington, 2nd: Grider, Vote:  Unanimous].


C.   Considered Newsome Engineering and Consulting proposal for Part 1 – Streetscape 

       Project.  Approved.  [Motion:  Grider, 2nd: Norrington, Vote: Unanimous].


D.   Considered R.F.Q. for the appraisal of City property.  Approved.  [Motion: Grider,   

       2nd: Mann, Vote:  Unanimous].


E.    Considered approval of City of Jonesboro holidays, as presented.  Approved. 

       [Motion: Yonce, 2nd: Grider, Vote: Unanimous].


F.    Considered request to allow Councilmember Bobby Wiggins to retain a door key to

       the  Jonesboro Firehouse Museum and Community Room.  Motion dies due to a lack

       of a 2nd.  [Motion: Wiggins, 2nd: None]


G.    Considered  motion to postpone, pending investigation, the Resolution regarding the

        distribution of Firehouse funds. Approved. [Motion: Grider, 2nd: Yonce, Vote:


H.    Considered motion to add GMA agreement to agenda and allow Mayor and City  

        Clerk to sign GMA agreement for purchase of Chipper.  [Motion: Mann, 2nd: Yonce,

        Vote: Unanimous].


Other Business:


There will be a covered dish Supper at the Jonesboro Firehouse Museum and Community Room at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday.


There is a Neighborhood Watch meeting at the Jonesboro Firehouse Museum and Community Room Wednesday evening.


Bobby Wiggins asked if the Walkie Talkie has been moved from the Clayton County dispatch center to Firehouse #13?






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